What is the "Customer Experience"?

It is the culmination of your customers' emotional and rational experiences with your organisation. Your customers' experiences permeate all aspects of your business; from your product design to your service quality to your customer focused culture. It is the defining characteristic of what you do, how you do it and how your customers think and feel about you. Your customers demand a clear, consistent and engaging experience.

How can your business benefit from customer experience management?

Customers are becoming increasingly volatile in their buying behaviour. Nowadays they are more likely to question the value for money and complain about the product or service they receive if they are unsatisfied. They are also exponentially more likely to tell others about their experiences which could result in a common "buy or refuse" reflex. That is why "the customer" is the most important aspect of businesses to acheive competitive advantage over its competitors. Your customer experience can become the main differentiator in your market. When managed intelligently, your customer experience can be the primary tool to satisfy your customers' expectation, achieve a sustainable customer loyalty and drive your business forward. According to the Chartered Institute Of Marketing's 2010 Marketing Trends Analysis of the UK, 95% of senior business leaders think that the customer experience is the next competitive battleground. Can you afford not to act now?

How can Micent® help you?

Micent® excel at developing and implementing customer experience strategies to be embedded in your corporate culture through providing accurate insights indicating to what your customers want as well as when and how. Our international expertise will help you design and develop optimal customer satisfaction through giving your business a realistic, dynamic and applicable roadmap which will result in turning your customers into your brand embassadors. This is done through systematic performance analysis, process optimisation and corporate knowledge transfer where Micent®'s philosophy is to work alongside your organisation to enhance your profitability.